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2018 Summer Session Graduate Courses

Loyola University New Orleans offers several graduate programs, and their courses run all year. This is a list of course options available to graduate students this Summer.

This list is for quick reference only. Please check the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) Course Section Search for course scheduling details (instructor, class time, start and end dates) and any additional courses. Current Loyola students can login to LORA and register using the course Call Number. If you have questions about how a course works with your graduate program, please contact your advisor. 


Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

Course Number Course Name Instructor Session Days Call Number
BA-B750 Competitive Strategy Peters R 1st 6-Week Session MW 10488
ENTR-B893 Technology Product Management Prakash 1st 6-Week Session TR 10472
DECS-B725 Managerial Economics & Statistics Straight N 1st 6-Week Session TR 10057
FIN-B700 Financial Management Lindsay K 2nd 6-Week Session MW 10061
FIN-B805 Investment Banking Alexander L 1st 6-Week Session MW 10062
MGT-B830 Project Management Faust M 2nd 6-Week Session MW 10148
MKT-B700 Strategic Marketing Bacile T 2nd 6-Week Session TR 10151
MKT-B815 Integrated Brand Promotion Staff 2nd 6-Week Session TR 10152


Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) 

Course Number Course Name Instructor Session Days Call Number
TEAC-A710 Exceptional Individuals in Divers Society Chauvin J 8-Week Session Online 10290
TEAC-A720 Differentiated Instruction: Applications Chauvin J 8-Week Session Online 10292
TEAC-A730 Statistics and Assessment Thomas A 1st 5-Week Session MW 10291


Master of Criminology & Justice (MCJ)

Course Number Course Name Instructor Session Days Call Number
CRIM-A710 Research & Statistical Methods Frailing K 8-Week Session Online 10445
CRIM-A850 Seminar in Criminology Bolden C 8-Week Session Online 10346
CRIM-A893 Directed Readings in CJ Shildkraut 8-Week Session Online 10447
CRIM-A900 Masters Research & Practicum Bolden C 8-Week Session Online 10433


Master of Science in Counseling (MS Counseling) 

Course Number Course Name Instructor Session  Days Call Number
CNSL-A725 Lifespan Development Dewell J 7-Week Session TR 10356
CNSL-A841 Career Counseling Foose K 7-Week Session MW 10030
CNSL-A845 Addiction Counseling Robinson S 7-Week Session MW 10031
CNSL-A849 Activity Group Therapy Steen L Special Session TBD 10418
CNSL-A851 School Counseling Ebrahim C 7-Week Session TR 10353
CNSL-A856 CLN Thanatology: Death/Dying Foster T 7-Week Session MW 10355
CNSL-A863 Fundamentals of Prac. & Intern. Ebrahim C 10-Week Session TR 10033
CNSL-A865 Counseling Practicum See LORA 10-Week Session TBD See LORA
CNSL-A866 Counseling Internship Foster T 10-Week Session T 10036


Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM) Programs

Please note that this list does not include LIM courses offered through extension programs. Please contact LIM for more information on LIMX and LIME courses. 

Course Number Course Name Instructor Session Days Call Number
LIM-G839 Introduction to Practical Theology Staff LIM Session Online 10408
LIM-G809 Internal Life of SCC Cowan M LIM Session TBD 10458
LIM-G814 Emergent Universe: Sacred O'Gorman K LIM Session Online 10409
LIM-G819 Spirituality & Theology of Work Eickelmann LIM Session Online 10410
LIM-G828 History of Xtian Spirituality Bellitto C LIM Session Online 10411
LIM-G839 Religious Ed Across the Curriculum Staff LIM Session Online 10413
LIM-G870 Foundations of Youth Ministry Lamont T LIM Session Online 10415


Master of Music Therapy (MMT) 

Course Number Course Name Instructor Session Days Call Number
MUTY-M705 Advanced Music Therapy Models Murphy K 8-Week Session TBA 10171


School of Nursing Programs 

Please see School of Nursing