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Stay on Track. Save Money. 

Loyola offers undergraduate and graduate courses from each of our colleges (Business, Arts and Sciences, Music and Fine Arts, and Law). Many of the courses on the schedule are selected to help students get ahead on their degree plan or catch up on classes they missed so they can graduate on time. Check out the schedule of undergraduate courses for Summer Session 2018

Summer school saves you money in the long run. If you take just one summer class between the freshman and sophomore, sophomore and junior, and junior and senior years, you will accumulate 9 credit hours which may enable you to reduce your time at Loyola by an entire semester. This not only helps you graduate on time, it also saves you money.

Undergraduate students benefit the most from Summer Session. Tuition for undergraduate Summer Session courses is set at $692/credit hour. With residence hall availability based on class schedule, and lower student fees for Summer Session, catching up on coursework during the summer is more economical than staying an extra semester in the Fall to finish your degree.

Science & Pre-Health

This is especially helpful for Natural Science majors and students in Pre-Health programs, as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics all offer Summer Session courses that are required for science degrees as major and adjunct courses.  

Loyola Core

And Summer Session isn't just for major courses. By taking Loyola Core Courses offered during Summer Session, undergraduate students get ahead with their degree plan or catch up on courses missed during the year. 

Get More Out of Loyola

Many undergraduate students aren't aware that an academic minor can be listed on your transcript. Posted on a resume, 18 - 24 credit hours of a coherent field of study sure look good to a potential employer. Summer Session is a perfect time to pick up those classes. Check out which courses from your academic minor program are on the schedule this summer! 

Want to see how this works? Three courses from the New Orleans Studies minor are being offered Summer 2018.


Wherever Your Summer Takes You

What's new this summer: more online classes! Loyola faculty have been working hard to bring you classes you can take no matter where you are for the summer. Now you can take classes if you're staying in New Orleans, are planning to work at home over the summer, or if you've got travel plans.

May Session Is Here!

Finish a 3 credit hour class in 10 days in May. Loyola will be offering courses during the new May Session starting in 2018. May Session runs from May 14-24 with classes that meet from 9AM-3PM Monday - Thursday. The May Session offers students an option to complete a class in a short amount of time early in the summer.

May Session classes are considered part of the Summer Session for purposes of financial aid, and are discounted the same as other Summer courses for tuition - $692/credit hour - and fees. Further details about May Session and Summer Session cost can be directed to the Office of Student Finance.  

May Session on-campus housing costs will be $490 for a double occupancy room (based on a per-day rate of $33). Contact Residential Life for more details at 504-865-2445. 

May Session will have a Meal Plan option, so the Orleans Room will be open. Students can choose from 2 plans: 

  • On Campus, which includes 20 Orleans Room or GO meals and $200 in Wolfbucks for $320
  • Off Campus, which is $150 of Wolfbucks for $150


Transient Summer Students

Do you attend another university, but want to get in on classes at Loyola this Summer? You can do that, too. Summer courses are generally standard offerings that transfer back to other colleges and universities. Visiting students are more than welcome, but need to check with their home institution about transferring course work.



Remember to check the university's Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) system starting October 26 for the summer schedule. Course information and times are included. Registration opened on November 6 and will run through January 8 for early Summer registration. If you miss that deadline or aren't sure about taking summer courses yet, don't worry - you will still be able to register for Summer 2018 courses during Spring registration.