May Session 2019 Courses | Summer Session
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May Session 2019 Courses

Finish A Class in 8 Days

May Session was such a success last Summer, Loyola is doing it again. Courses will be offered from May 13 - 23. Classes will be intense, meeting from 9AM-3PM Monday-Thursday. This is perfect for students who want to get a class done quickly and have the rest of their summer for other things. 

This list is for quick reference only. Please check the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) Course Section Search for course scheduling details (instructor, class time, start and end dates) and any additional courses. Current Loyola students can login to LORA and register using the course Call Number. 

Here's a list of the courses being offered: 

May Session

Course Number Course Name Instructor Days Call Number
BIOL-H295 Naturally Nawlins: Wetlands Thomas  MTWR 10515
CHEM-Y294 Beer Brewing Clancy & Giuisti MTWR 10481
CRIM-A275 Deviant Behavior Bolden MTWR 10482
DSGN-M294 Design Thinking Staff S MTWRF 10669
ENGL-A406 Internship: Editing & Publishing Yakich MTWR 10508
ENGL-O294 Nature Writing Schaberg MTWR 10506
FIN -B300 Financial Management Izadi MTWR 10553
HIST-Q294 Global New Orleans Nystrom J MTWR 10646
MKT-B280 Basic Marketing Mills A MTWR 10632
MUGN-M260 Internet Technologies I Michels MTWR 10615
MUGN-M325 Digital Audio Production II Albert MTWR 10166
MUGN-O204 Women In Music Clark MTWR 10514
PHIL-R122 Philosophy of the Human Person Peterson MTWR 10509
PHIL-U241 Phil Perspectives on Woman Mui MTWR 10474
RELS-V240 The Qur'an Kahn A MTWR 10331
SCIE-T129 Investigating Nature Bucolo MTWR 10234
SOCI-X294 Food and Femininity Talukdar MTWR 10480
SPCH-A100 Fundamentals of Speech Gendusa MTWR 10589


Selected Course Descriptions

BIOL H295 – Naturally N’awlins: Exploring the Natural History of Wetlands – Dr. Aimee Thomas

Southeastern Louisiana’s wetlands are ecologically rich and important to our ecosystem.  In this course, students explore the natural history of these wetlands first-hand, examining the different habitats that create this ecosystem, making observations and collecting data in different locations around the Lake Pontchartrain Basin. This course combines field trips, lectures, discussions, readings, and reflections. Honors Program. 


MUGN M325 – Digital Audio Production II – Dr. Jeff Albert

Avid ProTools User Certification builds on the theoretical foundations of digital audio that are laid in Introduction to Music Technology, and Digital Audio Production. Students learn about session structures, file management, audio and MIDI recording and editing techniques in the Avid Pro Tools environment. Students also learn about software and hardware setup, I/O settings, mix automation, music specific virtual instruments and plugins, Elastic Audio techniques, and clip-based editing. Students will be eligible to take the Avid ProTools User Certification exam at the conclusion of the course.


RELS V240 – The Qur’an – Dr. Adil Khan

This course provides students with an introduction to the Qur’an and its interpretation in English translation through guided readings and discussions of texts and media. Students will learn about how the verses of the Qur’an have been interpreted differently in different contexts, as they confront the challenges of interpreting a sacred text.


SCIE T129 – Investigating Nature – Dr. Philip Bucolo

Human induced environmental alterations have far-ranging effects on South Louisiana’s fisheries.  Field trips to Louisiana wetlands give students the chance to examine these effects first hand, employ the scientific method, and gain an experiential understanding of alterations to environmental processes.