Summer 2018 Loyola Core Courses | Summer Session
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Summer 2018 Loyola Core Courses

Get Ahead of the Curve

Summer Session is a great time to get ahead on your degree plan, and students do that by taking Loyola Core courses. Loyola offers a flexible schedule of on-campus & online course sections, while Summer Session tuition makes the price right. Loyola Core courses in the Summer Session also work for students in highly-sequenced majors, whose semesters are usually full of required courses for their major. And students who missed a class in Fall or Spring semesters can make up that class so they dont' fall behind. 

This list is for quick reference only. Please check the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) Course Section Search for course scheduling details (instructor, class time, start and end dates) and any additional courses. Current Loyola students can login to LORA and register using the course Call Number.

Here's a list of Loyola Core courses being offered Summer 2018:


Number Name Instructor Session Days LC Section
ARTH-O206 Music & Art in the Middle Ages & Rennaissance Clark 8 Week Online Creative Arts & Cultures
BIOL-Y205 Topics in Biogeography Wolcott 2nd 5-Week MTWR Natural Science
BIOL-Y236 Evolution Thomas 8-Week Online Natural Science
BIOL-Y237 Marine Biology & Conservation Jordan 8-Week Online Natural Science
CLHU-N200 Greek & Roman Epic Rupp 2nd 5-Week Session MTWR Writing About Literature
COSC-Y200 WWW & Scripts McDermott 8-Week Online Natural Science
DSGN-M294 Design Thinking Maass May - Extended Day MTWRF Creative Arts & Cultures / Social Science
ENGL-N204 Cyberpunk & Apocalyptic Literature Welsh 8-Week Online Writing About Literature
ENGL-N205 Videogames & Literature Welsh 8-Week Online Writing About Literature
ENGL-N236 Coming of Age in the South Sproul 8-Week Online Writing About Literature
ENGL-N238 New Orleans Literature Cannon 8-Week Online Writing About Literature
ENGL-O294 The Poetics of Childhood Scaberg May MTWR Creative Arts & Cultures
ENGL-T122 Critical Reading & Writing Burgess 8-Week Online Critical Reading & Writing
HIST-Q262 Comparative Social Movements Howard 8-Week Online History II - Topics
HIST-T122 Global History I - Premodern Fernandez 8-Week Online History I - Survey
HIST-T124 Global History II - Modern Howard 8-Week Online History I - Survey
MATH-T122 Math Models Corbin 1st 5-Week MTWR Mathematics
MATH-T122 Math Models Li 8-Week Online Mathematics
MUGN-O206 Music & Art in the Middle Ages & Renaissance Clark A 8-Week Online Creative Arts & Cultures
MUGN-O244 History of American Pop Music Hinderlie 8-Week Online Creative Arts & Cultures
PHIL-R122 Philosophy of the Human Person Watts 8-Week Online Philosophy I
PHIL-U294 Philosophy & Black Lives Matter Leland 8-Week T Philosophy II
PHIL-W252 Making Moral Decisions Peterson 8-Week Online Philosophy II or Ethics
POLS-X240 Corruption in American Politics Dynia 8-Week Online Social Science
PSYC-X266 Science of Good and Evil Dupuis 8-Week Online Social Science
RELS-S249 Old Testament as Literature Gnuse 1st 5-Week MTWR Christian Tradition
RELS-V240 The Qur'an Kahn A May MTWR World Religion
RELS-V281 Women in World Religions Wessinger 2nd 5-Week MTWR World Religion
RELS-V294 Islamophobia Khan A 8-Week Online World Religion
SCIE-T129 Investigating Nature Bucolo May MTWR Investigating Nature
SCIE-T129 Investigating Nature Grissom 8-Week Online Investigating Nature
SCIE-T129 Ivestigating Nature Bucolo 8-Week Online Investigating Nature
SOCI-X232 Social Problems MacGregor 8-Week Online Social Science