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Summer Session Courses

With Summer Session at Loyola University New Orleans, students can stay engaged in their studies and choose from an array of interesting course topics. Check a core requirement off your to-do list or get ahead in your major with exciting offerings from every college. From the Sociology of Sport to Social Media Strategies, Investigating Nature to the History of American Pop Music, you have endless ways to add excitement to your summer.

Questions? Undergraduate and graduate students can email to talk to a member of the Summer Session team. Law students should refer to the Law Academic Affairs page for more information. 

Current Students

Check with your advisor to see how Summer Sessions courses work with your degree program. 

Visiting and Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you aren’t a Loyola student, we're accepting applications now. Learn more on our admissions page.

Add a Free Credit to Your Schedule

Undergraduate students enrolled in the Summer Session can add a free one-credit student success course to their summer schedule. This 7-week online course will help you prepare for academic success and overcome challenges that might impede the path to graduation. Students learn strategies that may help improve their GPA and enrich their educational experience at Loyola. The readings and course materials for this course will come primarily from the fields of psychology and education. This course will draw from our Jesuit identity through reflection, respect, and appreciation. Keep in mind that this course is tuition-free but may adjust your fees from part-time to full-time depending on your program of study. This course counts as undergraduate elective credit. 

Session: First and Second 7-week Session 

Type of Course: Special Studies 

Course Code: SPSTA230

Take a Core Course Over the Summer

Loyola offers many Core courses over the summer to help you complete your undergraduate degree requirements. To see a full selection of Core courses available, search the Course Catalog in LORA Self-Service to search for a requirement.

Submit a Course for Your Summer Wishlist

Don’t see a particular course you’d like to take over the summer? Fill out our Summer Wishlist form to let us know what you’d like to see! We’ll use your input to inform our planning for future Summer Session terms.

Get a Preview of Summer Courses

Explore some of our most popular and unique undergraduate Summer Session offerings below. Use LORA Self-Service to search the full Course Catalog. 

Learn from one of the best! American jazz pianist and composer, Sanford Hinderlie, will introduce you to the music of New Orleans. We don’t mean to brag, but some of the best music in the world comes out of New Orleans. This course is a comprehensive study of the history of New Orleans music, dating from the nineteenth-century music in Congo Square and opera to the present-day musicians of rhythm-and-blues, rock, jazz, and rap. This course will meet a creative arts and cultures core requirement.

Session: First 7-week Session 

Type of Course: Music General 

Course Code: MUGNO246 

Professor(s): Hinderlie

What is evil? Why do some people engage in acts of violence against others? What causes students to commit mass murder within their classrooms? What causes some people to hate other people whom they’ve never even met? On the flip side, what is good? When do people help others, even at the expense of their own well-being? How can we reduce hostility and build compassion in our own communities? The main emphases will be on empirical approaches, with reference to the behavioral sciences (social psychology, sociology, history, and political science), genetics and neuroscience, cultural anthropology, and even popular culture. We will examine “good” and “evil” as both moral absolutes and as societal constructs. This course counts as a social science core requirement.

Session: First 7-week Session 

Type of Course: Psychology 

Course Code: PSYCX266

Professor(s): Dupuis

Develop your public speaking skills in a relaxed, non-traditional, fun, and exciting way. You will definitely leave this class feeling more comfortable with speaking to any audience or group size! You will develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, the art of public speaking and discover your inner speaker, writer, and performer. Gain confidence as a speechwriter and speaker through theatre games, speech activities, and fun public speaking exercises.

Session: May Term MTWR 9–3 p.m. (in person only)

Course Code: SPCH-A100-0Y1

Professor(s): Umberger

Beer Brewing is an intense hands-on course teaching the science of brewing beer. It is open to students 21-years-old and up. Beer Brewing will introduce you to the cultural, historical, economic, and biochemical underpinnings of beer and the beer-brewing process. The course touches on botany, chemistry, and microbiology, as well as societal and cultural history of beer and the processes involved in making beer. This course will meet a science in context core requirement. 

Type of Course: Chemistry

Course Code: CHEMY235

Professor(s): McGlynn and Giusti

This course examines the diversity of life through lectures, experimental exercises, demonstrations, and dissections. Form and function of microbes, plants, and animals are explored and compared to show how organisms have adapted to their environments.

Course Code: BIOL-A109-021