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Summer Session Courses

Loyola University New Orleans offers a wide variety of courses over the summer. Check a core requirement off your to-do list or get ahead in your major with exciting offerings from every college. 

The full listing of Summer 2023 courses is available in the Course Catalog on LORA Self-Service. Law students can view a tentative schedule and course descriptions on the Law Academic Affairs page.


Take a Free Success Course 

If you’re already enrolled in a Summer Session course, you can add a free one-credit student success course (SPST-A230 Academic Success). This 7-week online course will help you prepare for academic success and overcome challenges that might impede your path to graduation. Keep in mind that this course is tuition-free but may adjust your fees from part-time to full-time depending on your program of study. This course counts as undergraduate elective credit. 

Explore Course Offerings 

View a selection of some of our most unique and in-demand courses below. All courses are viewable in the Course Catalog on LORA Self-Service. Students must get approval from their advisor before registering for summer courses. 

CHEM-Y235-0Y1: Beer Brewing

Runs from 5/15/2023 - 5/26/2023

May Term - On Campus

Counts as Natural Science in Context Core

Extra Fee Required

Beer Brewing is an intense hands-on course teaching the science of brewing beer. It is open to students 21-years-old and up. Beer Brewing will introduce you to the cultural, historical, economic and bio-chemical underpinnings of beer and the beer-brewing process. The course touches on botany, chemistry and microbiology, as well as societal and cultural history of beer and the processes involved in making beer.

BIOL-Y210-WV1: Biology Through Art

Runs from 7/5/2023 - 8/17/2023

Counts as Natural Science in Context Core

Asynchronous online

This course covers the scientific method, and the basics of experiment design. This course integrates biology and art through the creation of artworks. Students view microorganisms, see examples of using DNA as an artistic medium, and see anatomy as art. The course culminates in students creating their own biological self-portrait. With biotechnology becoming a greater part of our daily lives, there seems to be a movement in the art world to integrate art and science.

HIST-Q267-WU1: Queer History and Culture

Runs from 5/15/2023 - 6/29/2023

Counts as HIST II Core and toward DEI Badge

Asynchronous online

The starting point is that sexuality and gender identity has a history. The course explores the importance of race, class, gender on sexual identities and to emphasize that sexuality not only has a history but multiple histories. Sexual categories whose meanings may seem to be self-evident and unchanging: straight and gay, homosexual and heterosexual, transgender and cisgender, normal and deviant, for example.

MUIN-O246-WU1: History of New Orleans Music

Runs from 5/15/2023 - 6/29/2023

Counts as Creative Arts & Cultures Core and toward Media & Culture Badge

Asynchronous online

This course is a comprehensive study of the history of New Orleans music, dating from the nineteenth century music in Congo Square and opera to the present-day musicians of rhythm-and-blues, rock, jazz and rap. The sources of the music, listening, music identity, social and racial influences, and the history of the music business in New Orleans are components of this course. 

RELS-S285-WU1: Heresies and Heretics

Runs from 5/15/2023 - 6/29/2023

Counts as RELS I Core

Asynchronous online

This course examines heresy both as a broad concept and as a phenomenon occurring throughout the history of the Christian Church from its inception to the time of the Reformation. Focus will be on major heretics whose beliefs and practices were deemed outside the acceptable parameters of Christian orthodoxy.

Submit a Course for Your Summer Wishlist

Don’t see a particular course you’d like to take over the summer? Fill out our Summer Wishlist form to let us know what you’d like to see! We’ll use your input to inform our planning for future Summer Session terms.